Caroom App

Mobile service to help you find a spot

Caroom is a Helsinki-based startup looking to revolutionize the multi-modal transport space. With an initial focus is on the reliable discovery of parking spaces for when you need the space.


“Toughbyte helped us release the MVP of our mobile app within budget, providing staff willing to listen and work with us on changing requirements to minimise cost. We worked closely with the developers on the project and even made direct contributions to the codebase.”

Caroom approached us at a point where they had done extensive R&D on identifying and predicting the availability of parking spaces. However, the work on the end user facing part of the service had only just begun.

With a budget of only 175 man hours, we had to take a lean approach to product development. We could not afford any waste on the project while also ensuring that the work we did do provided a solid foundation for further development. To do this, we put extra effort in during the planning phase, providing detailed mockups and specifying the required APIs.

The end result is a React Native mobile app for iOS and an Android prototype, talking to a Node.js backend connected to a Couchbase database storing parking space availability data. Drivers are able to select a destination, choose from a number of nearby parking lots on a map and navigate there, all while receiving real time information on the number of remaining spots.

With our help during the app store submission process, Caroom successfully launched in Finland and is currently available in the Helsinki area to gather some early adopter feedback before opening up to a wider global audience.