Customer Development

Customer Development

"The Toughtbyte Customer Development workshop provided knowledge with actual practical value. Participants quickly understood the importance of talking to customers before spending resources building products based on false assumptions. The techniques introduced in the workshop empowered participants to ask questions from customers that would lead to better fit between the product and solution. The format was easily to follow because it was a good mix of theory and applied exercises. All the participants internalized the methods required to get out of the building and start interviewing real customers."

At Toughbyte, we try our best to work on digital services and products that end users actually need and want. But how does one know if a product will be successful with its customers without building it first? This is where Customer Development, popularized as part of the Lean Startup methodology, comes in.

Our one day Customer Development workshop is useful to both startup founders and managers working within larger companies on creating digital services. It covers topics such as the Lean Canvas, MVP, pivoting, problem and solution interviews and more.

The format is our standard 20 minutes of theory followed by 20 minutes of exercises, with participants working in groups of three. Throughout the day, the teams go from a problem to creating a solution that could actually be sold. This is achieved with the help of customer development and validation. An extended, two day version of the workshop also includes topics like wireframing, validation using online ads, landing pages and analytics.

After the workshop, you’ll have a clear, step by step process for doing customer development. You’ll also be ready to apply it to your company and project, be it an early stage startup or a new feature in an existing service within a larger organization.