CSS Workshop

CSS has been around since the mid 90s, but used as intended only for a little over a decade. With the increasing number of device form factors and screen sizes, it is now more relevant than ever. Our CSS workshop covers a wide range of topics from the basics of how to include it in your pages, to creating responsive grids and naming conventions.

The format of the workshop is hands on, using our 20+20 theory+practice format, with attendees working in pairs through a well structured set of increasingly challenging exercises. The workshop is applicable to both designers and developers - the only prerequisite is a passing familiarity with HTML. At the end, you should have a solid grasp of CSS, its gotchas and related tools, frameworks and resources.

We have also run extended versions of the workshop spanning two days, covering more advanced topics such as flexbox, animations and shaders. This workshop is a great intro to our more advanced workshops on JavaScript, Angular and React or a follow up to our workshop on UX and prototyping.