Scalable back end and customer dashboard for a client-review startup

Gizlo is a global private communication channel connecting people and businesses. Gizlo mobile apps can be used for targeted consumer surveys, determining location based brand-consumer touchpoints or crowdsourcing innovation through mobile user communities.

Gizlo on iPad

Gizlo came to us when their old Rails based back end, which was difficult to and extend, became a bottleneck for growing their business. We suggested rewriting it from scratch using Node.js and the ES6 generator based Koa web framework, which makes it easy to implement complex business logic while retaining the high performance of Node.js.

After two months of intensive development we had the new back end ready. Gizlo also needed to provide their customers with a brand new dashboard for analyzing large volumes of customer feedback and generating surveys. The new back end was flexible enough to provide an API for this and we suggested building the dashboard using React.js. We delivered the dashboard web app within another two months.

With our support, the team at Gizlo made a smooth migration from the old back end to the new one. The new back end significantly reduced time-to-market for new features, so the startup was able improve their core product and iterate on their user’s feedback much faster. After that the back end and the customer dashboard were handed over to the core development team at Gizlo.