Founded in 2012, IndoorAtlas is transforming the way people will be looking for indoor navigation. IndoorAtlas’s patented magnetic technology uses natural anomalies of the geomagnetic field to pinpoint locations indoors.

IndoorAtlas Team

When we approached IndoorAtlas, they had already spent a few months searching for a senior DevOps engineer. It was clear that the position needed to be filled ASAP, but the complex requirements such as knowledge of AWS, Docker and Cassandra made this a challenge. The task of the new hire was to grow the infrastructure to support at least 10x its current traffic capacity, while keeping the quality of service meeting the most stringent enterprise SLA requirements without loss of development agility.

Nevertheless, within a month and after going through tens of candidates, we successfully found the perfect fit for this position. After quickly completing the interview process, the DevOps engineer was able to start work remotely within weeks while preparing to relocate to Helsinki.