JotBar Mobile

Mobile enterprise time-tracking application

JotBar Solutions offers a software suite for personnel and material flow management.

JotBar Mobile

“Thanks to Toughbyte's expertise, we got a modernized mobile web app running in no time allowing us to reach new customers.”

JotBar operates in a competitive market and needs to differentiate their products by providing tangible value to their customers. To this end and based on customer feedback, it became apparent that a mobile app was a much needed addition to their offering. The big challenge was that this mobile application needed to be tightly integrated with the existing solution which didn’t support a multi tenant architecture.

We proposed to create a cross-platform mobile app based on AngularJS and Ionic backed by a Node.js server with a MongoDB database for integrating with existing JotBar components.

Within a few months we had a fully functional version working on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The app allows their clients’ employees to track working hours, schedule absences and provide business trip reports. The mobile application was one of the key selling points for expanding the JotBar software suite to new international markets, so we have recently added localization support to the application and continue to add features requested by customers. The application was featured in press and is highly valued by JotBar’s 150,000 end users.