Lumoa App

Customer experience analysis service

Lumoa helps companies take back control of customer experience by empowering them to identify and solve customer problems in a way that is fast, focused and actionable way.


“Working with Toughbyte we managed to create a working demo of our frontend that helped us set our vision alive and land two pilot contracts with major Finnish corporations. Their coding skills and flexibility are definitely very valuable strengths for us.”

The founding team decided to take a lean, iterative approach to product development and worked with us to build a demoable MVP of the front end using the Tekes Innovation Voucher. We had very tight budget restrictions but thanks to Lumoa’s clear vision and superb specifications we were able to carefully prioritize features and plan the MVP’s implementation.

To minimize waste, we employed an extremely agile development process. This involved continuous iterations of the product that where shown to potential customers to collect their feedback. This way, we managed to make the feedback cycle as short as possible and deliver exactly what Lumoa’s customers wanted.

We built the MVP within a month and spent as few as sixty man hours on it. The MVP used a mock API, which has now been implemented and the service is in production, without the need to rewrite the front end.

We’re now convinced that active client involvement and a lean approach to development is a successful recipe for building products customers want, really fast and with minimal waste.