Virtual Reality education platform

Lyfta creates interactive educational content, by rebuilding complex real-life stories into 360 digital storyworlds, using virtual reality, rich media and premium quality video content. Examples include The Awra Amba Experience which has received attenion in the media and blogs such as Upworthy and the Guardian. Customers include schools in Finland and the UK, with the end users being teachers and students.

We started discussions with the company just before their launch, when it became apparent that a platform for distributing their content to schools was needed. Although it was clear that the platform could play a big role in the future, there wasn’t much that we could afford to spend on it at the time.


"The team at Toughbyte helped us get our platform off the ground within a very short period of time, all the while providing a personalised service and support both during the project and beyond."

With only 50 man hours to work with and the launch three weeks away, we had to take a very lean approach to service design and development. We created and finalized the mockups in one workshop and proceeded to implement it in the most efficient way we could. This involved choosing the tried and tested Rails framework, Bootstrap for the layout, PostgreSQL as the database and Heroku for hosting.

By keeping the number of iterations to a minimimum and putting emphasis on functionality, we managed to launch on time with no surprises. The service includes a teacher interface, where the teacher can create lessons and view teaching materials and a student interface for accessing the content in an easy and secure manner. Thanks to the Rails Admin gem, there’s also an administrative interface giving the team at Lyfta the ability to edit all the content in the service, from courses, to teacher accounts and schools.