Responsive mobile web and native apps for viewing lunch card transactions and requesting top ups

Edenred Finland is the leading employee benefit provider in Finland. Edenred offers modern card solutions for the most important employee benefits: recreational benefit, lunch benefit and transport benefit.

MyEdenRed Interface

“With Toughbyte's help, we were able to revamp our tech stack and development processes, introducing new technologies such as React, Cordova, ASP.NET vNext and RESTful APIs, which we are now applying across our entire business critical application portfolio.”

Edenred approached Toughbyte with the business goal of reducing development costs and speeding up delivery of new functionality in its consumer mobile application. Due to its diverse client base, Edenred needed to support a wide range of platforms and devices, including legacy desktop browsers.

MyEdenred is a free service for Edenred Ticket cardholders. It can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers. One can check card’s balance, see transaction history and load balance using the service.

We came back with a proposal to implement a responsive HTML5 web app using React.js and Material Design with a single code base across all platforms and a simplified user experience.

The first version was ready within weeks and soon thereafter we launched MyEdenred — a free service for Edenred Ticket cardholders. It can be used on desktops as well as smartphones and tablets via a native Cordova wrapper and as a mobile web application. Users can check their card balance, see transaction history and request top ups using the service.