Solu Outliner

Outliner application demonstrating unique features of a new computer platform

Solu is the world’s smallest general-purpose computer with a revolutionary operating system, an intuitive user interface and a unique subscription model.

Solu Outliner

“Toughbyte helped us deliver a visually and technically impressive demo showing off the key features of our platform on a tight schedule and with little communications overhead.”

Our conversation with Solu started right before their Kickstarter launch. While the platform already had basic apps such as an address book and a browser, there was a need to demonstrate the unique features of the platform: namely the original UI and collaboration capabilities.

Together we created the concept of the Solu Outliner app for organizing text into a tree like structure. We emphasized a minimalistic design which made most of the Solu touchpad for controls and included collaborative features. Technologies used included React.js together with advanced CSS3 3D effects and custom integrations with Solu platform APIs for interfacing with the touch pad and data synchronization.

Solu Outliner was successfully demoed as part of the Kickstarter launch, just three weeks after we had conceived the idea. It is perfect for collecting information, outlining ideas, adding structure to documents and much more, from shopping lists to yearly budgets. Solu went on to successfully reach their funding goals to fund production of the device.